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Dietary supplements with hydrogen ion technology.

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About Hydrogen

When frequently exposed to environmental stress (e.g. UV or pollution) Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) levels can increase dramatically, resulting in significant damages to cell structures. HYDROGEN neutralizes these harmful ROS, including free radicals.

Using a patented technology from Japan, “excellent Pure” is a product which combines Hydrogen with Coral Calcium, creating a solid edible form of Hydrogen.

Free Radicals and Aging


Are all free radicals bad for the body?
Not all free radicals are harmful. Since free radicals are highly reactive, it is very difficult to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones. In fact, when 2 good free radicals combine, a negative result occurs. Moreover, the human body naturally creates free radicals as an immunity function to defend the body against harmful bacteria. Due to its reactive condition, free radicals' natural tendency is to take away electrons. This reaction speeds up oxidation effect and immediately changes a free radical into Hydroxyl radical (OH). Hydroxyl radicals are highly reactive. These dangerous radicals can attack and damage almost every molecule found in living cells because they react as soon as they come in contact with another molecule.
What is the connection between age and SOD?
To protect the body from ROS (free radical), SOD is an enzyme that serves as the front line of defending free radicals, an anti-oxidation enzyme. The most representative anti-oxidation substance is SOD (Superoxide Dismutase). This SOD can neutralize free radicals and transform them into harmless substances. Unfortunately, the body naturally produces less SOD as it ages, gradually losing the power of defending free radicals. As a result, aging occurs. It is said that a person's has the most SOD enzyme at the age of 20 years old; but this number reduces by half at the age of 40.